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is a well-known supplier for LED lighting products. We operate mainly in Europe and the Middle East although projects have realized in Asia and the Americas as well . In 2002 we started our activities by selling a variety of LED products into Europe. In 2006 we moved up into a joint-venture with the at that moment largest developer and LED producer in China. After a great number of years and undergoing several changes we moved up to advise clients all over Europe and The Middle East.

We combine the force of our own production facility with a perfect system of purchasing from approved sources thus delivering reliable high quality products since over 18 years. 

Next to already designed products we also design and create custom made products for our customers of which many of them are long term relationships.


At present we highly focus on assisting our customers in their projects and developing the best solution for every project together.

In this way we contribute to successful and durable projects all over the EU and the Middle East.

Projects can be managed from various offices demanding on the actual location. 

We work in various areas as there are:

    • Architectural
    • Hotels
    • Shops and shopping centers
    • Façade lighting
    • Warehouses
    • Decorative projects
    • Production halls
    • Interior
    • Bridges
    • Tunnels
    • Artworks
    • Street and environmental
    • Sport lighting
    • Gas stations
    •  Offering standard or smart
       controlled systems
Exposé Lighting founded

Neon-Neon developing from seasonal lighting supplier into the world of LED

Introduction of Xerox PLC

Introduction of PLC proof console

Partcipation in the Hong Kong lighting show

Introduction of various LED products

Regular meetings at the factory

The LED development was often discussed at annual or bi-annual meetings

LED panels

LED panel launch in various sizes.

Light and Building Frankfurt

Light and Building participation in 2006

More and more stable white LED

The white and warm white LED becomes more stable

Neon-Flex becomes more and more mature

More accessories and options become available for LED Neon-Flex

LEDPRO is registered

After this show we only use the name of LEDPRO

Neon-Flex sales grows strongly
Production gets more and more machine based
Light and Building Frankfurt
Expanding the office and warehouse
Light and Building
LED Streetlights become more common
The LED production changes. New partners arrive

Neon-Flex changes from DIP to SMD

Large infrastructural projects are being realized
Neon-Flex: from decorative to more and more functional
More functional applications are found
Silicon Neon-Flex is introduced
Factory moulded connectors get standard and finishes the moisture problem
Pixel controlled lines get more easy to install
Products get smart. The APP control bounces in
The UV virus killing panel becomes available


Tel:           +31 252 623162



LEDPRO, Boekweitstraat 79, 2153 GK  Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands / Room 202, 2/F., Kam Sang Building, 257 Des Voeux Road Central, H.K.


Copyright @ LEDPRO The Netherlands

LEDPRO is a registered trademark in the EU since 15 december 2009 under registration number 008756181. On any infringement appropriate action will be taken.

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