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Ultra Violet LED and Ozone products. >99% Effective against virus and bacteria aerosols

Nano based UltraViolet Anti-Virus/Anti-Bacteria recirculation panels (Patented)
UltraViolet Virus killing LED panel
UltraViolet desinfection trolley
Ozone sterilizer

Neon-Flex series. For every problem we have the right solution. From DIY solutions to full factory prepared IP68 lines for Marine and Extreme circumstances.

Neon-Flex Series-1
Neon-Flex Series-1 After Glow
Neon-Flex series-2
Neon-Flex series-3
Neon-Flex series-4
RGB Neon-Flex
Digital Neon-Flex
Series-8 Silicon Ultra Thin
Neon-Flex Wide
Silicone Neon-Flex
Dynamic White Pixel
Series-9 Thin

Heavy duty, Industrial and Offshore LED are key areas of our company. With 17 years of experience we are used to solve complex lighting problems. 

Modular heavy duty Floodlights
Large heavy duty series
Stadion series-QUEE
Stadium/Large area lighting
Projector LED
Canopy LED Light
Tri-Proof series
Protect series-4
Protect series-3
Highbay series
Explosion proof LED

For Industrial applications like warehousing, shops, utility building and many more we offer a wide range of products. Surface mounted, ceiling mounted, suspended or any other type of installation can be provided.

GrowLight LK2
Linea FB1
Flatbay series-2
Linkable tubes

Facade, object, park and canopy lighting. These products can be combined with several of our other products. They can also be as stand alone LED to give color and light to objects, facades or environment. They all have the option to adjust the beam angle in order to create any light pattern desired.

Facade Ligthing
Window and showcase light
Handrail with LED
Handrail mini LED

Interior, Design and Renovation series. For these applications we have several interesting products. From ready to install panels to surface mounted panels that just fit over the old standard panel sizes. Various aluminium systems and several custom made solutions. 

LED panel program
Customized panels
Waterproof panels
Custom size panels
Frameless panel systems
Surface mounted standard panels
Flat Surface mounted LED panels.
Surface mounted downlights with(out) sensor
Ceiling series Ruby Recessed
Ceiling series Ruby Panel
Ceiling series Ruby Pendant
Ceiling series Ruby Surface Mounted
Nano based Anti-Virus/Anti-Bacteria recirculation panels (Patented)
UltraViolet Virus killing LED panel
Magnetic Rail Light System
Interior Design LED
Large Circular LED
Solar Lighting
Dimmers, drivers en controllers
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