LEDPRO : Industrial – Offshore – Neon-Flex – Utility

Based on our quality assurance we supply the most bright LED lamps in the market. Suitable to be used on ships, in Cranes, Bridges and many other applications. We work with the highest level of quality for our LED, our Drivers, Our housing and glasses. From Powder coated and stainless steel units, explosion proof products and many others suitable to withstand the most harsh conditions.

Products and Services

Our product range is diverse but all products have the same standard in quality over a great many years. Which is why we still have a very large group of loyal customers cooperating with us for so long and welcoming new customers every day.

About us

We are a professional LED producer and supplier based in The Netherlands and Shenzhen. As a result we combine production know-how with architectural and lighting demands. Above all we put quality first. Over the years we have created a large group of enthusiastic customer and similarly they created us.

With our extensive dealer network in Europe and the Middle East we are involved in creating solutions for LED projects. Both large and small projects.

Selling Neon-Flex since 2002. Providing solutions for Medical applications, Heavy Duty LED Lighting, Bridges, Interior Design, Ceiling and Renovation lighting. And many more LED applications.

In case we cannot supply a solution from the more standard components we will create a new solution for you to solve your demands.


New Website

As our projects are becoming more and more global we have decided to create a new website in which we can clearly state our international activities. We will be working on it from now on and expect this to be finished beginning of October. In this part of the new Website we will keep you …